Recipe: Broccoli Pear Soup

Recipe: Broccoli Pear Soup

The chilly months are coming to a close (finally), but I’m sneaking in one more soup recipe because I can! This bizarre pairing (pearing?!) make a slightly sweet, soul-warming vegetarian soup for those days when the sun peeks through the clouds and reminds you that spring is still, in fact, coming.

This vegetarian soup recipe takes a little time but is remarkably easy for the complex flavor. Add chicken, cashews, or pine nuts for a little extra protein. Make it yours!

Fun fact: The inspiration for this recipe (AKA the original recipe that I lost a decade ago) comes from the mother of a member of Chicago band Bible of the Devil (check them out–they’re awesome). In other words, we should call this one Metal Mom Soup!

Recipe for Broccoli Pear Soup - The Perfect Vegetarian Fall Soup

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