Succotash Soup: A Fall Recipe with Summer's Flavors [Recipe]

Succotash Soup: A Fall Recipe with Summer's Flavors [Recipe]

The summer harvest is long gone so a typical succotash might be out of the question, but you can still harness those sunny flavors with this Succotash Soup recipe. It works great with fresh, canned or frozen produce, and can be varied to suit what you have on hand. This recipe is fantastic for emptying out your vegetable drawer the day before a trip to the grocery as there's hardly any vegetable that won't taste great in it!

Sweet corn and lima beans for a succotash soup recipe by Culinarie Kit

This is a big batch recipe because we're using the Broth Bomb from our fall box! Good news, though: this soup freezes spectacularly so you can enjoy these fresh veggie flavors whenever you please.

Corn cob in soup broth for succotash soup recipe
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