Culinarie Kit

Ocean Inspired Cooking Gift Box

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Grab our Ocean Gift Box to explore flavors of the islands & seas around the world! Enjoy cooking with ingredients inspired by Hawaii, Jamaica, Japan, and more. This cooking gift set is a great as a closing gift idea, Christmas present, or anniversary surprise.

Each Ocean Kit cooking gift set includes:

- Artisan Jerk Seasoning Rub
- Authentic Hawaiian Rub Featuring Kona Coffee
- Culinarie Exclusive Allumi Spice Blend
- Unique Furikake Seasoning
- Umami-Rich Popcorn Sprinkle
- Ginger Pear Rice Vinegar
- Small Batch Japenese 7 Spice
...all wrapped in a multi-use flour-sack kitchen towel

Some ingredients subject to change based on seasonal availability.

All Culinarie Kit packaging is recycled or reused from our vendors. Please join us in our efforts to save the planet by reusing or recycling your box!


Culinarie was founded on the premise that anyone can cook.

Professional chefs didn't start out as professionals, either. We want to give you the same opportunities we've had by offering versatile ingredients and the inspiration to get inventive. You, your friends, and even Aunt May can all cook up something wonderful.

Our culinary gift boxes give you tools to take control of your gourmet destiny. Try new recipes. Taste new ingredients. Experiment with abandon. Because that's exactly how we got our start in the world of food!