About Us

A Culinarie Kit gift box positioned on top of many cooking ingredients.

Culinarie Kit was founded on the premise that anyone can cook.

Chef Ellie launched Culinarie Kit in 2016 with the intention of bringing artisan cooking goodies to aspiring chefs across the United States. She was fresh out of culinary school and cooking on a restaurant line, but wanted to expand her own pantry collection and experiment with ingredients from small batch producers and chef-driven food companies instead of the big box distributors used by most restaurants.

Chef Ellie of Culinarie Kit

Chef Ellie began her search, hoping for a cooking subscription box that would bring her new ingredients and flavors to play with in the kitchen. Nothing of the sort existed, so her entrepreneurial spirit took over and Culinarie Kit was born!

Half a decade later, Culinarie Kit is still the only foodie-focused subscription and gift box company that procures ingredients exclusively from small batch, artisan, and independent producers from across the United States (and occasionally worldwide).

Culinarie Kit is focused on accessibility, sustainability, and supporting small producers in the food industry.

All Culinarie Kit orders are shipped carbon neutral with Shopify's Planet partnership, all shipping boxes and mailers are 100% recycled from Eco Enclose, and all of the gift boxes are completely free from animal products as of 2022, making them suitable for almost any diet and cooking style without burdening Planet Earth!

Culinarie Kit Logo: Cook Often, Cook Creatively