Gourmand Kit: Gourmet Cooking Gift Box by Culinarie Kit

Dive head first into cooking with our Gourmand box! In this collection, you'll find the necessities to bring a little more oomph to your cooking. Classic ingredients with a little more of a gourmet twist. Box contents may vary by season. Enjoy!

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Gourmand Ingredients

Please note: Ingredients change seasonally and based on availability from producers, so this list may contain ingredients not included in your box.

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Black Truffle Mustard

Mustard isn't just for sandwiches when you're learning the culinary ropes. It's a fantastic emulsifier for dressings and sauces, it adds a much-needed zest to potato salads and coleslaw, and... well, okay, it's really good on sandwiches, too. This Black Truffle Mustard takes it a step further, infusing the umami-riffic notes of black truffle into the classic condiment.

Black Truffle Mustard Tips

  • Use in any recipe that calls for mustard to add a richer, more exotic note to the dish.
  • Black truffle is a strong flavor that can easily overpower other ingredients. If you're planning a recipe with delicate flavors, cut the mustard (ha!) with regular old dijon.

Black Truffle Mustard Recipe Ideas

Mustard Glazed Carrots [Juls Kitchen]

Roasted Broccolini with Creamy Mustard Sauce [Tess Masters]

Roasted Cabbage Steaks with Creamy Mustard Sauce [The Veg Life]

Mustard and Chive Potato Salad [Aggie's Kitchen]

Infinity Brussel Sprout Slaw [Culinarie Kit]

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Bolivian Rose Sea Salt or French Sel Gris Sea Salt

Pink salt has been making waves in the mainstream culinary scene for about a decade now, so it makes sense that specific varieties would be of interest to chefs! Bolivian Rose Sea Salt is harvested in the Andes Mountains and distributed exclusively by SaltWorks. It's pretty rare--and delicious! Sel Gris is the famous grey salt renowned by French chefs and gourmands across the globe. Sel gris is often referred to as the "saltiest salt," and has a flavor complexity that you won't get from basic kosher salt.

Bolivian Rose Sea Salt Tips

  • These pale pink crystals are packed with flavor, so feel free to toss them directly into a salt mill for table use.
  • Use the crystals whole to garnish caramels, cookies or other sweets.
  • Use a squeeze of grapefruit, then dry the salt on the lowest setting of your oven. Grind coarsely and use as a garnish to cocktails!
  • Use a tablespoon of whole salt crystals to salt boiling pasta water. Stir and dissolve before adding pasta!

Sel Gris Sea Salt Tips

  • Sel gris can be used as a table salt when you really want to experience the depth of flavor it offers, but make sure to warn dinner guests to go easy on the shaker -- this salt can be saltier than most folks are used to!
  • Use alongside plain kosher salt in brines for eggplant or chicken to add a little something extra.
  • This salt is aces in pasta dishes. Aromatics sautéed in a little butter, starchy pasta water, and sel gris can make a fantastic base sauce that whips up in minutes.

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Raw Unfiltered Olive Oil

Kouzini's Raw Unfiltered Olive Oil is fruity, peppery, and pure. All of Kouzini's oils are bottled within hours of picking and pressing in Greece, giving you the purest tasting olive oil on the market. Kouzini's oils are bottled in dark green glass to avoid light degradation and keep the flavor as fresh as possible.

Raw Unfiltered Olive Oil Tips

  • The flavor of this oil is much stronger than the cheap stuff you'll grab at the grocery, so this oil really shines as a finishing ingredient -- try it on top of hummus, or mixed with your favorite balsamic as a bread dip.
  • Add a couple drops to a batch of rice for a subtle scent and flavor.
  • If you're using this oil to pan fry, make sure to keep the heat to medium -- olive oil has a lower smoke point than vegetable or canola oil.

Raw Unfiltered Olive Oil Recipes

Mediterranean Olive Oil Pasta [The Mediterranean Dish]

Baked Parmesan Garlic Potato Chips [Culinarie Kit]

Epic Baba Ganoush [Cookie and Kate]

Baked Tilapia in Garlic and Olive Oil [The Olive Crush]


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    Chicken Little Seasoning

    Chicken Little is the "little spice blend that could." It's our favorite blend by Greenpoint Trading Company because it's super unique. There's a back burner sweetness going on here that makes this spice blend super special. Greenpoint Trading Company was founded in 2011 by a culinary couple and is based out of Brooklyn, NY. All of their spice and seasoning blends are preservative and additive free!

    Chicken Little Seasoning Tips

    • As the name suggests, it's great on poultry, but we prefer to use it on roasted cauliflower.
    • Mix with flour for a new take on fried foods like chicken, fish, pickles, or cheese curds.
    • Shake a little onto warm buttered bread for tasty comfort food.

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        Brining Spice

        Spicewalla's brining spice takes the effort and guesswork out of brining, "whether you’re tackling a big turkey at Thanksgiving or just trying to infuse your weeknight pork chops with extra juiciness and flavor." Just add salt, water, and get to making your plump dinner centerpiece!

        Brining Spice Tips

        • Brining isn't just for meat: brine eggplant or mushrooms for a couple hours before grilling for the juiciest veggies you've ever had.
        • You can dry brine or wet brine! Dry brine combines the brining spice with salt and is used as a rub, while wet brine dissolves salt & spices into water before soaking the main ingredient.

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        Firelli Italian Hot Sauce

        This incredibly unique hot sauce by Firelli isn't so much hot as it is flavorful. Utilizing the sweet heat of Calabrian peppers contrasted with the sweetness of red bell peppers and the savoriness of porcini mushrooms, this is a hot sauce like none you've ever tried.

        Firelli Italian Hot Sauce Tips

        • Enjoy it like any hot sauce: on top of grains, eggs, meats, or our favorite: pizza.
        • Use it to add zest and bite to a scratch tomato sauce.
        • Mix it with mayo and roasted garlic for a slightly-spicy sandwich spread that will absolutely knock your socks off.

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