Lava Gift Box - Spicy Ingredient Collection for Cooks Who Love Heat & Hot Sauce

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True connoisseurs of heat know that spicy food is about more than the Scoville scale. There’s a difference between reapers and scotch bonnets, and each pepper should be celebrated in its own right. These ingredients pack capsaicin, but they also feature complexity in layers upon layers of flavor. This box is a veritable inferno of inspiration. Turn up that burner and get cooking.

Some ingredients subject to change based on seasonal availability.
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a bottle of bullwhip hot sauce by Barnacle Foods

Bullwhip Kelp Hot Sauce

"Bullwhip" is the local name for our favorite type of kelp  bull kelp. Kelp packs uniquely savory flavor and unmatched nutrition  vitamins, minerals, iodine, and fiber.

This hot sauce is flavor first, heat second. A depth of flavor from the kelp paired with heat from piri piri pepper will ignite your taste buds and leave your mouth warm. 

Get more Bullwhip Kelp Hot Sauce from Barnacle Foods here!


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    a bottle of Firelli Italian hot sauce

    Firelli Italian Hot Sauce

    This incredibly unique hot sauce by Firelli isn't so much hot as it is flavorful. Utilizing the sweet heat of Calabrian peppers contrasted with the sweetness of red bell peppers and the savoriness of porcini mushrooms, this is a hot sauce like none you've ever tried.

    Get more Italian hot sauce from Firelli here!

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      A tube of HLTHPUNK's smoked harissa paste

      Smoked Harissa Paste

      A lovely, hot, smokey variation of HLTHPUNK's award-winning harrissa paste. Fully vegan and brimming with superfoods cayenne, cumin, oregano, turmeric and more, each and every ingredient is good for you as well as being delicious! Mix it with yogurt or coconut milk for an instantly flavorful marinade. Combine with mayo for aioli. Stir into chili for a unique spicy note. This little tube contains so many possibilities!

      Please note: Packaging may vary.

      Get more Harissa Paste from HLTHPUNK here!

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        A bottle of Belizean Season-All by Marie Sharp's

        Belizean Season-All 

        Marie Sharp’s has been making incredible hot sauces and jams for decades using ingredients grown in Belize. This Season-All is a concentrated achiote paste grown with heirloom annato that provides its striking color. It will add brightness in flavor and hue to any dish. Use it in small amounts to punch up proteins or broths with a savory and spicy hit.
        Order Belizean Season-All from Marie Sharp's here!

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            a bottle of Wholly Chipotle all purpose seasoning

            Wholly Chipotle Spice Blend

            All-purpose spice and everything else nice! Miner's Mix really hit the nail on the head with this semi-hot spice blend that effortlessly takes your veggies and proteins from bland to unbelievable. We love it best rubbed on tofu, sprinkled on fried eggs, or tossed with roasted sweet potatoes.

            Please note: Packaging may vary.

            Order more Wholly Chipotle from Miner's Mix here!

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              a small bottle of Marie Sharp's green cactus hot sauce

              Green Cactus Habanero Hot Sauce

              This bright, acidic hot sauce utilizes hand chopped fresh Belizean Nopal, a cactus native to the region. It's delightfully spicy thanks to the fresh habaneros grown on the Marie Sharp family farms. This is one of the most unique hot sauces we've found, but it doesn't sacrifice one ounce of flavor or versatility for its ability to stand out. You'll love using a few drops of this hot sauce on any of your favorite foods, but we find it goes especially well with delicately flavored foods —think thick roasted zucchini slices, grilled shrimp skewers, or white rice.

              Order more green cactus habanero hot sauce from Marie Sharp's here!

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                  lava gift box spicy hot sauce cooking gift box by culinarie kit

                  As always, every Culinarie is packaged to be as useful as possible--and friendly to the environment! Your Culinarie boxes and all packing materials are either 100% recycled or reused from vendor shipments. Please continue the trend and reuse or recycle your boxes!

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