Rainbow Cooking Gift Box - Celebrating the Spectrum of Flavor

We're celebrating the vibrance and diversity of our food spectrum! From red beets to violet sweet corn, our planet provides us with a veritable rainbow of delicious ingredients. Enjoy this romp through the colors of the culinary world and brighten up your time in the kitchen.
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Spanish Saffron Threads

These are real, pure Spanish saffron threads imported directly from Spain. Just a few threads of this bright red plant stigma will turn your most basic rice recipe a vibrant yellow color. Saffron adds an earthy, floral flavor to dishes.
Try it with: paella, risotto, butter beans, seafood

Green Curry Powder

The unmistakable flavor of green Thai curry is unlocked with this dry spice blend. Use it as a rub directly on proteins or veggies, or drop a teaspoon or two into a blender with fresh herbs and aromatics to create a versatile curry paste, then combine with full fat coconut milk and tamari for a nearly-effortless green curry sauce.

Try it with: chicken, tofu, burgers, grilled vegetables

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Unicorn Cornmeal

Cornmeal is as much a pantry staple as a bag of flour, but Unicorn Cornmeal has a magical secret: it's pink! It's stone ground and single origin, so this cornmeal is packed with delicious corn flavor that will make your recipes pop — even visually! Pro tip: a little acid like lemon juice or vinegar in your recipe will intensify the color during cooking.
Try it with: cornbread, polenta, cornmeal pancakes
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Turmeric Salt

None of the nasty additives, all of the flavor: Australian-based Jada Spices makes deliciously healthy all-purpose seasonings. The turmeric in this blend lends its captivating yellow tint and subtle flavor to any dish you cook, along with the traditional blend of onions, garlic, and spices.
Try it with: gravies, chicken noodle soup, french fries
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Farm Fresh Blue Popcorn

This rich popcorn was locally grown in Utah from heirloom seeds, hand-harvested, and dried naturally by the sun before being personally packaged for you to enjoy. The blue kernels will pop into white corn with a nutty flavor and fewer hulls. Cook it over a campfire in cast iron or pop it on your stovetop in a stockpot.
Try it with: fresh herbs, lavender rosemary sugar, fine grated parmesan
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The Daily Grind

This grinder contains its own complete rainbow of seasoning with sea salt, aromatics, peppercorns, seeds, and herbs. This blend comes from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico and adds fresh-ground flavor wherever you use it. You can take advantage of its deliciousness in the kitchen or leave it on the dining table to add a finishing touch to all your savory meals.
Try it with: eggs, green salads, pan-fried fish, mashed potatoes, fresh bread
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Lavender Rosemary Cane Sugar

Up your sweetener game with infused cane sugar! The herbal notes from lavender and rosemary make this bright green sugar a winner in any recipe that calls for sugar, whether it's a sweet or savory dish. You can even use it for home-popped kettle corn! The complexity of infused flavors will add an unexpected and delicious twist to classic baking recipes or sauces.
Try it with: cornbread muffins, kettle corn, lamb, brown butter, apple pie
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All Culinarie Kit packaging materials are recycled or reused from our vendor shipments. Please continue the trend and recycle or reuse your box!