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Dive head first into plant-based cooking with our Vegan gift box! Inside, you'll find the magic ingredients that will bring a little more oomph to your vegan dishes.

Each Culinarie Kit includes ingredients from artisan producers across the United States. Support small businesses and order refills from the links below!

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The Ingredients

Please note: Ingredients change seasonally and based on availability from producers, so this list may contain ingredients not included in your box.


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barrel aged worcestershire sauce from bourbon barrel foods and culinarie kit

Bourbon Barrel Aged Worcestershire Sauce

Bourbon Barrel Foods is authentic--from Kentucky, where the best bourbon is born. Folks will often argue about the pronunciation of Worcestershire, but no one can argue that Bourbon Barrel Foods' is clearly one of the best on the market. Bright, tart, and salty, this Worcestershire sauce is perfect in a brine or marinade.

Vegan Worcestershire Sauce Tips

  • Use a few dashes in a brine when preparing eggplant, tofu or mushrooms for a deep umami flavor
  • Add to any marinade or dressing for a bold taste with a bit of acid and salt
  • Add to your bloody mary mix to make the world's best brunch cocktail

Vegan Worcestershire Sauce Recipe Ideas

Sweet & Spicy Chex Mix [Bon Appétit]

Basic Sweet & Tangy BBQ Sauce [The Kitchn]

Quinoa Chickpea Caesar Salad [The Full Helping]

Sweet and Sour Cauliflower [The Veg Life]

The Ultimate Mock "Tuna" Salad [An Edible Mosaic]

Vegetarian Sloppy Joes [Macheesmo]

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Rally fries seasoning from Culinarie Kit

Rally Fries Seasoning Blend

This little gem from Two Snooty Chefs was the star in our Garlic Kit for two years! But alas, we mixed things up recently and it got knocked out of the lineup. Luckily we were able to bring it back for the Vegan Chef Kit and you get to experience its power.

Rally Fries Seasoning Tips

  • A pinch or two of this garlicky seasoning blend will bring just about any recipe to life, even if it's just pasta and olive oil.
  • This stuff is mind-blowingly good on sweet potato fries.
  • Adventurous? Try simmering a teaspoon of this in your aquafaba before whipping it into mayonnaise for a tasty vegan aioli!

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Cheddar Craving vegan cheese seasoning from culinarie kit

Cheddar Craving Vegan Cheese Seasoning

Broccoli cheddar soup? Check. Cheesy popcorn? Check. Queso dip? Check. This delicious and dairy-free seasoning blend adds back the key flavors that so many vegans miss about cheese!

Cheddar Craving Vegan Cheese Tips

  • Stir into your favorite homemade or store-bought vegan mayo for a cheesy aioli.
  • Sprinkle onto a sandwich or salad for cheesy flavor without the dairy.
  • Stir into your favorite unsweetened non-dairy milk and thicken with corn starch for a versatile cheese sauce.

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Chicken Salt by Jada from Culinarie Kit

Chicken Salt

The name might have you nervous, but don't worry -- this amazing, salty seasoning is 100% vegan! Jada Spices hails from Australia so it's a rare departure from U.S.-based artisans for us, but this stuff is worth it. It's an all purpose seasoning that really goes above and beyond for vegan cooking.

Chicken Salt Tips

  • Skip the bouillon and add this chicken salt to a fresh vegetable stock for an incredible vegan noodle soup--or virtually any recipe that calls for stock!
  • Making seitan? Work some of this chicken salt into the dough for a real "tastes like chicken" experience.
  • Food feeling a little bland? You can use Chicken Salt as a regular old table seasoning anywhere you'd use salt!

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Bionnaise vegan mayonnaise by HLTHPUNK

Bionnaise Plant Based Mayonnaise

This sunflower- and oat-based mayonnaise beats out any mayo on the market. It's luxuriously smooth and tastes absolutely fantastic alone or in a recipe. It's packed with superfoods like ashwagandha and even has added protein from 100% plant sources — so not only is it tasty and animal product free, it's got health benefits, too!

Bionnaise Vegan Mayo Tips

  • Use anywhere you'd use regular mayo: on a sandwich, as a dip for french fries, or as a base for a salad dressing.
  • Add dried or fresh herbs and spices, stir thoroughly, then chill for one hour for a nearly-effortless sandwich spread.
  • If you're using Bionnaise in the blender, add it last and only pulse a few times. Mayonnaise is an emulsion, and plant based mayos tend to be less stable when they're heated or agitated so they may break. If you need to blend for a while, take breaks and chill the mayo in the blender cup between pulses.

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dulse red seaweed salt from culinarie kit

Dulse Seaweed Dead Sea Salt*

Little flakes of red dulse seaweed add a subtle-but-potent umami flavor to the large dead sea salt crystals in this grinder. Red dulse has a flavor that is often compared to bacon because of its natural saltiness and smokiness, but the taste of the seaweed is really quite distinctive all on its own.

Dulse Seaweed Salt Tips

  • Use it to season tofu, seitan, beans, or other proteins that call for a bit more umami in the mix.
  • Unscrew the cap and use a teaspoon of whole crystals and flakes in your water when boiling pasta or potatoes for a nuanced flavor in your starches.
  • Grind into the broth before adding to rice for a pilaf or risotto.
  • Pairs perfectly with "seafood" inspired flavors, of course: tofu "salmon," artichoke "crab" cakes, or sunflower "tuna" salad.

*Not all boxes will have this ingredient. Vegan Chef boxes will contain either Dulse Seaweed Salt -OR- Spicewalla's Brining Spice.

Get more Red Dulse Seaweed Salt from Gensis


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a tin of Spicewalla's brining spice

Brining Spice*

Spicewalla's brining spice takes the effort and guesswork out of brining with this premixed herb and spice blend that will help infuse your veggies and vegan proteins with flavor. It's excellent for plumping up veggies before roasting, grilling, or pan-frying.

Brining Spice Tips

  • For vegetables like eggplant, mushrooms, or : combine brining spice, salt, and water and bring to a simmer for 5 minutes. Pour the mixture over ice to cool it, then submerge cut veggies and let them soak up the brine for an hour. Drain, pat dry, and cook!
  • For vegan proteins like tofu, seitan, or Impossible: use as a dry rub with a little bit of salt and vegetable oil for a flavorful coating on roasted or grilled foods.

*Not all boxes will have this ingredient. Vegan Chef boxes will contain either Dulse Seaweed Salt -OR- Spicewalla's Brining Spice.

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Culinarie Kit cooking gift box recycled eco packaging

All Culinarie Kit packaging is 100% recycled or reused from our vendor shipments! Please continue the trend and reuse or recycle your Culinarie Kit box to help preserve the planet.

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