Give them inspiration. Not instructions.

Our cooking gift boxes are curated with creativity in mind. We hand select (and taste test!) ingredients that will make your mouth sing. We don't pad our boxes with pre-portioned ingredients or paper-wasting printouts, because we're a small business showcasing other small businesses in the culinary world!

We aim to nourish experimentation—from our kitchen to yours. Happy cooking!


Culinarie was founded on the premise that anyone can cook.

Professional chefs didn't start their culinary journey as professionals, either!  We want to give you the same opportunities we've had by offering versatile ingredients and the inspiration to get inventive. You, your friends, and even Aunt May can all cook up something wonderful.

Our culinary gift boxes give you tools to take control of your gourmet destiny. Try new recipes. Taste new ingredients. Experiment with abandon. Because that's exactly how we got our start in the world of food!

  • zaicci says:

    I got this package as a present for my husband, who does most of the cooking. It was a very nice box, partly because there were multiple things in it! It's always more fun to open a box.with several high quality items, rather than a box with only one or two things in it. Haven't tasted it yet, but the items *sounded* tasty (and fancy), so it made for a very nice present.

  • A collection of ingredients to use in making pizza.

    Caitlyn says:

    The only thing missing is the cheese! Seriously there's everything in here to make pizza from scratch. I wasn't sure how the dough was going to work out because it didn't rise like the package said it was going to but it turned out wonderful. The Italian herbs smell really fresh even though they're dried. The crispy topping is awesome.

  • Samantha B says:

    I love culinarie kit! Using culinarie kit helped me branch out with my cooking, trying new ingredients and new ways to approach food. I gave it as a gift to my mom, sister and grandma and we were all able to try new things together, even living hours away.